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Happening on

The Finnish Thrashers established their band back in 1987 and have since released four full-length albums, with their latest, "Reveal The Ravage," hitting the shelves in 2021(Massacre Records). PRESTIGE has been on the road extensively lately, bringing their genuine old-school thrash sound to fans worldwide. Now, they're gearing up for a tour in the UK, pledging an unyielding commitment to authenticity.

Pembrokeshire based thrash since 2016
a regular of the Welsh metal curcuit since not long after forming, bringing thier own brand of thrash / death metal made up from the many different influences festering withing the crew.

Elyrean are a 4 piece Technical Thrash Band from Wolverhampton, England. They blend classic Thrash elements with technical modern metal, with hints of progressive metal heard in bands such as Sylosis, Revocation and many others. They bring lots of high speed energy, blistering guitar solos and tight technical riffs to the table.