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Lev Radagan is a Berlin based psychedelic rock duo, that has been garnering attention and acclaim for their unique sound, which incorporates a self-made skateboard slide guitar, creating a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries.
In May 2022, Lev Radagan released their debut album, "Witches." Fusing elements of psychedelic rock, blues, oriental and alternative music into a cohesive and immersive sonic journey. "Witches" quickly gained recognition among fans and the global press, propelling Lev Radagan into the spotlight.
Following the success of their debut album, the band embarked on an extensive tour, captivating audiences around Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Their live acts and energetic stage presence established rapidly Lev Radagan as a must-see act, drawing crowds to festivals and shows with their spellbinding performances.
Lev Radagan is currently working on their highly anticipated second album. Teaming up with Grammy award-winning Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Fever 333 and Residente) on the drums.
" Santana's guitar sound will take you into a journey in time & space, a blend of Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd "
- Urban Cultures , NY, USA
" Mind Blowing Performance "
- Newcomer Szene, Berlin, Germany

Support Acts:

Anarchistwood defy description. Live they are a prank rock theatrical experience with face paint, costumes and props creating an assault on the senses. On record they are way beyond the average punk rock and anarcho punk boundaries. In this way 1 think they do a great job of reinvigorating the "be yourself and be different" ethos of early punk rock.
"Punk pranksters and provocateurs anarchistwood finally release Chiasmata, an album that started back in 2019, but with global pandemics, only recently was fully recorded. Along the way, terrible personal tragedy hit the band, and that they have created a typically uplifting and thought-provoking album is testament to their resilience and commitment to their artistic creativity.

Ideal Forgery are a rock band from Manchester
(UK). Their music is centered around a gritty rhythm section and raw vocal power- playing songs with choruses that SLAP with heartbreakingly depressing undertones, they aim to move their audience with their dark hearts on their sleeves.
After releasing their "Debut" EP in 2017 and a subsequent single -"Chase The Light" in 2019 they have been writing, recording and self mixing their their first album "Ghosts" for the last year which is due to come out March 2024!
They have built a loyal fan base across the UK over the last few years of touring and have more recently been branching out to central Europe- playing sold out shows in France, Belgium and Germany-including a more recent trip to Berlin!!
"We play music from the heart and want to connect with our audience on a meaningful level! That being said, we have a punk attitude and aim to rock the soul out of everyone who comes to see us"