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TRASHVILLE: Live Music, performers, DJ
For this second Trashville we decided to go for a Pre-NYE party with an ALL STAR lineup of Bands, performers and DJ's!!!

We are exceptionally excited to have the band back for this exceptional event!
The band was formed in London in 1998 to perform material originally recorded and released by Richard Pyne as a solo project and its initial line-up consisted of Richard Pyne (aka 'Filthy Rikky') on vocals and programming, Dave Irvine (aka 'Irish Dave') and Dave Turner (aka 'Alien Dave') on guitar, Chris Wareham (aka 'Big Chris') on bass and Belle on drums, programming and production.
sadly Belle passed away in 2023. After a long Hiatus, the band reformed with Reuben (Stereo Juggernauts) on drums to pay homage to Bella at Belle Fest, and due to popular demand, they graciously accepted to play Trashville!!!

The Pink Diamond Revue similarly are a battle between humanity and something
more synthetic. Even the trademark ongoing onstage conflict-come-love-affair between guitarist Tim Lane and the mannequin Acid Dol takes on a sinister edge as he nudges
her askew with his guitar or adjusts her shades between tracks. Musically and visually too The Pink Diamond Revue are a constant war between a golden age of American rock’n’roll and a dark, dystopian future.

No need to introduce the internationally published performer, model, actress and 50% of Trashville.
Ruby will be performing a very special new act: Medical. Not for the faint of heart!!!

And finally, to keep you dancing ALL NIGHT LONG: Vade Retro and Steve Nine, seasoned and renowned international DJ's: Antichrist, Slimelight, Voodoo..They have done it all! Now for YOUR pleasure in Maryland at Trashville!!!

Unfortunately, VANITY KILLS had to pull out of this show for reasons behind their control.
We are working with them on rebooking them for another date.