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CRANK(Members Of Nifelheim/Destroyer66
" Crank is about doing exactly what we want, when we want and how we want. We are
not a band for everyone, nor are we meant to be. Love us or hate us, we still play the crap out of you.” – Tyrant (Crank) "

Few Swedish black metal bands are as legendary as Nifelheim, where bassist Tyrant is one of the band's founders.

His new band Crank has released their debut mini-album titled Mean Filth Riders (Prowler Records).
In this band, however, Tyrant has put the bass aside, to instead take the role of the band's singer and guitarist, and Crank offers dirty and unpolished biker rock with an attitude that oozes sulphur.

Tyrant's on vocals, with a voice like a knife, Motokobra on bass, shaking the night. Guitarist is a Savage, don't you dare cross his path, and Johnny Rocker on drums, with thunderous wrath. They play the hardest rock n roll, and it'll take control of your soul.

Crank will rule the world, with fear in their eyes, and the sound of their music will reach the skies. So if you know what's good for you, stay out of Crank's way, or you'll be through!
Supports to be announced soon.