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Il Giardino Degli Specchi + Supports
Il Giardino Degli Specchi:
ll Giardino degli Specchi is a Post-Rock band from Rome, Italy.
Valerio Marcellino and Marco Andrea Lippa started the project as an ambient duo, creating soundscapes and psychedelic suites using guitars, synths and voices.
After some line-up changes, the arrival of Luca Tiraterra and Mate Merenyi led to a further evolution in the band sound, adding more dynamics to the compositions.
Il Giardino degli Specchi has a wide range of sounds, from ambient to the famous wall of sounds of post rock genre, with some influences coming from slow tempo, heavy distortions and atmosphere.


You Will Eat Bugs:
A London-based power trio, only formed around Christmas 2022. In the
short time since they have amassed a substantial songbook and released their first two singles. With
a style rooted in early 90s alternative rock, combining melodic introspection with crushingly heavy riffs
and with a furious live attack, they’re definitely one to watch

Occultic-electronic enchantment. Surreal, improvised, and ambient. Transcend reality through mystical soundscapes.

£8 ( + Booking fee ) online

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