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Osmium Guillotine +Regicide + REIGN
Osmium Guillotine are a traditional heavy metal band from Essex.

Will Greer - Lead Vocals
Peter Keliris - Guitar & Vocals
Lance Steele - Guitar
Daniel Thurgood - Bass & Vocals
James Balcombe - Drums & Vocals

Regicide are a 4 piece British Thrash/Groove Metal band from Chelmsford, Essex. Founded in 2020.

Niall Byrne - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Mike Davies - Lead Guitar
Josh Birch - Bass
Chris Batson - Drums

REIGN are a NWOBHM band from London, playing their debut gig at the newly renovated Cart & Horses.

Amanda Brooks - Vocals
Jamie Carter - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Jimi King - Bass
TBA - Drums